TESSERACT – The Ultimate Database Search Tool

TESSERACT is a software system that reads state and county criminal court records, collects the data, compiles the information and presents it in easy to understand reports. Using a sophisticated algorithm created by Convergence’s own team of crack programmers, TESSERACT extracts and reads court records 24 hours a day, seven days a week and constantly teaches itself how to get better.  It identifies court dates, dispositions and sentences, even when this data appears in notes and unconventional fields and displays, and collects the relevant data.  This enables you to receive a report that is organized, thorough and accurate, so you can be confident in the research you provide your client.

All results are examined by TESSERACT’s quality assurance system and every “hit” is checked by a Convergence staffer to ensure its authenticity. Upon request, these complete reports can be reviewed and supplemented by a field researcher in person at the courthouse.

Clients should be aware that some court jurisdictions can’t be searched using TESSERACT or any data extraction tool.  In these cases, Convergence utilizes an extensive network of experienced researchers to obtain the results as accurately as possible.

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